Fusion LED Displays has partnered with ScoreVision, the most comprehensive and flexible scoreboard software developer. We integrate an easy-to-use platform for fan engagement for your school, club, or team. This innovative scoring software makes it simple for groups to engage their fans on a multitude of devices.   These engagements include scoring, video capture, streaming, social media administration, in-venue generation, and fan engagement – all pressed into an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform supported by top-notch client support.

ScoreVision coordinates a suite of fan engagement instruments that powers a portable Fan App that is personalized to your club or team, displaying scores, stats, video clips, declarations, live streams, and more into the hands of your fans.

This scoreboard software also interfaces consistently with our LED displays to control your in-venue fan involvement, opening indeed more fan engagement highlights, raising money campaigns, instructive encounters for understudies, and unlimited ways to utilize our LED displays exterior of sports.


Share scores, game action, video content, live streams, school announcements, and more with fans everywhere online and in the stadium or field.

The ScoreVision Fan App scoreboard software is your key to engaging your fans wherever you are. No matter how fans follow the action, the ScoreVision Fan App stays connected with match and results information, video highlights, match schedules, player info, announcements and interactive features. The Scoreboard fan app is personalized to match your school, club or teams branding and connects to the ScoreVision Scorekeeper app to give your fans an engaging fan app experience without double-entry or extra hassle.


Manage games and media content, schedule social media announcements, and more with ScoreVision Cloud.

The ScoreVision scoreboard cloud software is your hub for managing all your media and game-related content. From managing game schedules to rosters, media content and more, ScoreVision scoreboard cloud software makes it easy to organize everything in advance to keep game time running smoothly.


Score home and away games from an iPad with cloud-based scoring software built for every sport played in your gym, stadium, or facility.

The Scorekeeper Scoreboard app software by ScoreVision is the heart of our scorekeeping and fan engagement. This app-based scoring software has been carefully designed to make the scorekeeper`s job easier than ever, for all sports played on the premises, and with a game-like interface that is quick and easy to learn.


Capture exciting game action and easily transform it into video highlights to share with fans.

The ScoreVision Video Capture Scoreboard App lets you record and share exciting game actions at your fingertips. ScoreVision’s app-based digital video solution allows teams to quickly and easily capture video content during a game or live event and share it with others. Deliver end-to-end coverage of your events as a live stream while sharing close-up short video clips in action to give your audience a rich experience from multiple angles difference.


The most user-friendly production software on the market to help you elevate your in-venue fan experience with hype videos, player profiles, and other media content.

The ScoreVision Scoreboard Production Software app puts the power of professional fan experiences at your fingertips. ScoreVision’s innovative, app-based production software makes it easier than ever to run immersive in-game productions, que media content, and control your connected LED displays.