Fusion LED Inc.

Fusion LED was formed in 2015 as the LED display supplier to sign companies across the US. Our ongoing research and development of quality LED display products continues today and has produced a reliable and long lasting LED display for our clients.

Our current products are designed to address the moisture and heat issues experienced by other LED manufacturers. From our innovative cabinet designs for our outdoor products, to our easy connect installation systems for our indoor models, Fusion LED is on the cutting edge of the LED display industry. Let our experience help your company sell longer lasting and more affordable LED displays to your clients.

Fusion LED is an LED Display manufacturer located in Houston, Texas. Centrally located distribution of quality made LED Displays to sign companies nationwide.

The founders of Fusion LED Inc., Richard James and Darick Endecott, have worked in the digital sign industry for many years. Their experience has provided them with the ability to identify and develop quality products that will deliver the desired return on investment for their clients.

Learn More About the MyCloud Software.

Fusion LED Software Downloads for controlling and configuring a Fusion LED display can be accessed online through our website.



Our products promote cutting edge designs and functionality to promote ease of use and display.


We strive for great quality, and our “We don’t cut corners” attitudes shows in our work, effort and experience.


Fusion LED Displays is committed to bringing you quality products, great customer service and quality prices.