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Fusion LED supports the most functional Cloud software to control your LED displays. The Fusion LED cloud software solution is a free cloud-based software solution to use on your LED displays. All the features of the standard software are now available right in your browser from anywhere. Remotely control your players brightness and schedules, create custom content, upload new media, and monitor your LED displays player log and health. All these powerful features are provided free of charge with only a constant internet connection to the LED display as a requirement.

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LED video walls are a great way to connect to your audience or customers through video. It’s the most powerful mode of advertising and an LED video wall installed in your lobby or reception can speak directly to them as they enter your building.  Turn an empty wall into a moving commercial for your business.  Turn your conference room or meeting room into a bright and vibrant video cable screen.  Less heat and electricity than a projector, five times the lifespan, and no need to dim the lights to produce spectacular content.  Create a video wall background free from shadows or interruption.

Fusion LED offers high pitch resolution displays ranging from 1mm to 4mm. The entertainment possibilities of a full-color LED video wall has no limits.  Save thousands of dollars in material and labor with creative digital scenes instead of expensive sets.  Include beautiful images, text, and inspiring videos/ testimonial content in high-resolution at your church worship services.



Fusion LED offers 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm pitch resolutions for our LED signs. You can guarantee quality and longevity with our products. High quality LED signs and features included with all signs produced. Perfect for Churches, Healthcare, Movie Theaters, Furniture Stores, Real Estate, Law Offices and more. Anywhere that high resolution video and images will bring attention to your products and services.



Fusion LED Displays has partnered with ScoreVision, the most comprehensive and flexible scoreboard software developer. We integrate an easy-to-use platform for fan engagement for your school, club, or team. This innovative scoring software makes it simple for groups to engage their fans on a multitude of devices.   These engagements include scoring, video capture, streaming, social media administration, in-venue generation, and fan engagement – all pressed into an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform supported by top-notch client support.

ScoreVision coordinates a suite of fan engagement instruments that powers a portable Fan App that is personalized to your club or team, displaying scores, stats, video clips, declarations, live streams, and more into the hands of your fans.

This scoreboard software also interfaces consistently with LED displays to control your in-venue fan involvement, opening indeed more fan engagement highlights, raising money campaigns, instructive encounters for understudies, and unlimited ways to utilize those LED displays exterior of sports.




Engage Fans with Scores, Stream, Video, Social Media & In-venue Productions.

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